We do not talk about eco-tourism cause the contemporary way of travelling is opposite to what low-impact is all about. The only true ecological way of travelling should be done by not taking that plane and donating the money instead to a development or conservation project, however this would limit the exchanges between cultures and the observation of ecosystems on the verge of dramatic changes.

Living responsibly and understanding that every choice, every action has an impact on the Planet and on us is a long-term commitment. We are part of nature: we are Homo sapiens, a sophisticated mammal, sharing the Earth with others.

We believe in questioning everything.

We like to eat, commute, dress and live responsibly. Travel with the understanding of the impact our journey will have. We support all who reject exploitation, in favour of empowering local communities and conservation.

Tourism in several countries is a key growth factor, but the returns need to be fairly spread.
Whenever possible we will opt for independent, family run camps, heritage boutique hotels and houses. We like individuality as much as keeping the returns on the land.

For those travelling with us, wishing to make a contribution, Nomadico will gladly recommend a local trustworthy Not for Profit Organisation to support.