What we do

Nomadico is a travel designer company created by and for those who believe in an endless search for beauty. We are passionate about everything that is authentic, creative and wild: culture, food, landscape and wildlife.
Constantly on the lookout and ready to explore and discover beauty, we are happy to share our know-how and approach to travelling with our guests. We meticulously curate travel to destinations where we had a special connection: a glimpse into a different way of living that aroused our interest and passion, a landscape where the magic take place, where the wild things are.
We handpicked our partners testing their services over the years – we literally spent thousands of hours on the roads (mainly dirt roads), train tracks and airstrips across Africa, Asia and America. We like to detect before everyone else what is interesting, undiscovered and unique and share it with our selected audience. We mix and match experiences – from glamorous hideaways to colourful and overcrowded local transport.
We help you fulfil your wanderlust by tailoring the perfect expedition: whether it is with family, friends or just you. We create an experience, combining your dreams with our knowledge of the destination – in some cases the highlight of your trip may be a small beer bar in the Himalayas, in others a top-notch luxury desert camp.
We foster fair and ethical exchanges that benefit all those are involved: you, the local communities, the ecosystems and the wildlife.
If you are passionate, one of a kind and in a quest for beauty join us: we are the contemporary Nomadic tribe.