Who we are

Simona Quaglia founded Nomadico in 2018, after covering for almost two decades different roles in the luxury tourism industry.
Italian born, Simona has been living in Alaska, Botswana, Holland, India and South Africa for years and she has been exploring lots of different countries in Africa, Asia and America.
In her family there are several stories about a gypsy great great grandmother, that’s probably where she inherited her free spirit, love for the road and peculiar taste.

She is passionate about fashion, design chairs, nomadic Anatolian, Iranian and Moroccan kilims, traditional Caucasian and Ashanti textiles, beautifully illustrated children books – especially from India, Portuguese architecture in the ex-colonies, g-local vegetarian food, apiculture, giraffes and long distance running.
If there is a busy street market, you’ll find her there, mingling, listening to stories and digging for treasures and interesting things.